Technikwerker at the City Run in Dorfen 2018

City Run in Dorfen 2018 with Technikwerker Technology

Dorfen, 08.07.2018 - The electrical specialists from Technikwerker deliver the display technology for the city run in Dorfen 2018.

The city run in Dorfen, the "Dorfener Stadtlauf", took place for the 16th time this year and was able to set a new visitor record with over 750 participants. In addition to different running tracks for the younger participants, there was a 5 km run and the 10 km major discipline.

This year the city run in Dorfen was again equipped with technology by the technicians from Technikwerker. Two large 65-inch screens gave the audience the opportunity to get live results of all participants in real time.

The runners were able to look at their performance immediately after they passed the finish line and could compare their time with others.

Technology for the City Run in Dorfen

The screen displays were transmitted via wireless HDMI directly from the competition computer in real time and were available immediately after passing the finish line.

The used LED screens delivered a vivid display despite working in bright daylight due to their excellent contrast. Especially on sunny days, the contrast of the screens is crucial for the quality of the display and usability of the screens overall.

The Technikwerker technicians rent these devices for sporting events, corporate events or other happenings. Sound systems for the right background music can be rented as well to have a fully immersive experience.

Wireless HDMI connections for the screens

Especially at an event, the rapid assembly and disassembly of the technology is of crucial importance. In addition, it is often difficult to realize the necessary on-site wiring.

The wireless transmission of high-resolution picture and sound content is a great advantage in such environments. In case of the city run in Dorfen the technicians from Technikwerker could fully rely on the wireless HDMI transmission standard and thus simplify the installation of the whole gear.

Technikwerker GmbH

The Technikwerker GmbH, also known as "Der Heuschneider", is dealing with household appliances, consumer electronics, telecommunications, computers and security as well as surveillance technology since 1972.

Additional areas are electrical services for corporate and business customers. As an electrical full service company, the technicians from Technikwerker deliver planning and installation services for the equipment of meeting rooms, corporate offices and industrial environments.

Technikwerker offers DGUV testing as well as specialized equipment for hotel and hospital environments. They take care of maintenance contracts, supply contracts and service frameworks for your company.

Results: Dorfener City Run 2018 Results

You find the results of the Dorfener City Run directly over here:
Results Dorfener City Run 2018

We are looking forward to the Dorfener City Run 2019!


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